Norton Shopping Guarantee - Increase Conversion, Repeat Buyers and Customer Satisfaction.

Inspire Trust and Increase Online Sales with Norton Shopping Guarantee

Online Commerce and the Need to Increase Consumer Confidence

There are more perceived risks when shopping online - from information security to pricing competition to merchant reliability. Consumers are reviewing the same product on multiple websites in search of the best service. If a visitor does not trust your site, the sale will be lost.

Online retailers can address consumer concerns and give customers the confidence needed to complete purchases online by leveraging the right tools.

Protecting Customers Offers Benefits to the Online Retailer

When the benefits of Norton Shopping Guarantee are displayed and understood by consumers they will be more confident when shopping online. Retailers will see measurable increases in conversion rate, average order value, repeat buyers and customer satisfaction.

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Conversion RATES 7%*

Repeat Buyers 5%*







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How Norton Shopping Guarantee Drives Online Consumer Confidence

In order to maximize website conversion and customer satisfaction online retailers need to give consumers the confidence that they will be protected. The websites that pick up the most traffic address these primary consumer concerns:

  • Information Security: Their personal information (identity) will be safe, secure and private
  • Merchant Reliability: The retailer will provide good service and fully honor the terms of sale
  • Pricing Confidence: If the price changes, the consumer will be refunded the difference

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Norton Shopping Guarantee ADDRESSES THESE CONSUMER concerns by offering:


*Average percent increase in conversion and repeat buyers as measured by A/B split tests during trial periods with current customers.

Every dollar you invest is guaranteed to produce $20 in return.


Q. How much does it cost?.

There are no upfront costs. Norton Shopping Guarantee is free to try for the first 30 days. Every dollar you invest is guaranteed to produce $20 in return. Schedule a Call today with Norton Shopping Guarantee product specialist to know more about it.

Q. How do you “Guarantee” the results?.

We conduct a free A/B split test during the trial period and will produce a report with the detailed results.

Q. How difficult is it to install?.

The product can be installed in less than an hour by adding a few lines of HTML code.

Q. Will it work with my shopping cart solution?.

Yes. It works with all shopping cart technologies.

Q. Who pays for the claims against the Guarantees?

Norton Shopping Guarantee. There are no additional costs to the customer.

Q. I already have an SSL certificate with a site seal, why do I need Norton Shopping Guarantee?

SSL gives you security. NSG gives you guarantees, which address primary buyer's concerns.

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